Tannis Kowalchuk in '10 Brecht Poems'
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NACL Training is the foundation and “internal structure” of our work as creative theatre artists. It is an ever-evolving research most often practiced as a group in the mornings, and always at the beginning of a rehearsal. Training is an ongoing research into our craft. It is a practice that is not book research, but rather, work on the physical, the vocal, and the creative impulse and ability inside each actor. Based on the work of our master teacher Richard Fowler of Primus Theatre (Winnipeg Canada), and the influences of teachers, students, and directors of the Odin Teatret and Jerzy Grotowski, NACL has evolved a training that we continue to practice and teach to actors and students in North America and abroad.

NACL training includes specific physical exercises that work and improve the actor’s presence, sensitivity, awareness, and expressive skills. Group song work is a major component of training work. This practice builds strong individual voices, listening skills, and a group musicality and tuning that can be applied not only to the music in our performances, but to our creative and social structure as a theatre company. Over the years, NACL has developed and practiced a variety of training research, including stilt-walking and outdoor performance techniques, plastiques (Grotowski/Barba/Primus), acrobatics, learning musical instruments, and composing music. These experiences of Practice play to varying degrees at every moment in our collective and individual paths of inquiry and experiment. Every day we try to push ourselves past a new boundary, deepening our relationship to ourselves, each other, and the art of theatre.

Thanks to our training, we have a never-ending, highly personal discipline, which belongs to us, by which we can be engaged even when we are not working directly on a specific performance. It is our hope that this commitment to personal excellence will translate into progressively more powerful experiences for our audiences for years to come.



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Tannis Kowalchuk training, using a chair Rosaruby Glaberman and Laura Astwood at the Performer Training Retreat Group training at NACL Theatre