Rosaruby Glaberman at NACL's Performer Training Retreat
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NACL periodically hosts international theatre creators at the Highland Lake work center for an immersive, week-long, structured workshop that focuses on physical training, vocal exploration, and the creative methodologies used to devise original performance material.

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NACL draws from a continuum of techniques that includes the ensemble work of Denmark’s Odin Teatret, Canada’s Primus Theatre, and the research of Jerzy Grotowski. We have built upon these sources to develop a training that awakens each artist’s potential to maximize the expressive use of body, voice, imagination, experience, and intellect. In NACL’s devised ensemble work, the actor is at the center of the creative process. Training is essential for both the individual and the group to work at a remarkable level. The NACL training includes rigorous physical exercises, development of the voice through song and resonator work, and cultivating the creation of actions and compositions which are the building blocks for character, and which contribute to a play’s structure and meaning.


This retreat is designed for those interested in ensemble theatre, solo work, devised performance, physical theatre adaptations, experimental and original theatre creation. The physical training is vigorous but should not dissuade those with little or no experience. In the past, writers, directors, teachers, dancers, and actors have participated.


All participants will be housed at the beautiful NACL residence next door to the theatre. Lunch will be provided. Cooking and cleaning are tasks shared by all participants. Breakfasts and dinners are the responsibility of each participant (groups often plan and prepare dinners communally). There is a grocery store in the neighboring village of Eldred, NY.


Upcoming retreats will be posted on this page. If you are intersted in participating, please send us a detailed letter about yourself that includes your experience, age, and why you are interested in this retreat. We will reply to everyone who applies. Send your application letter by email.

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Rosaruby Glaberman and Laura Astwood training at NACL Group training at NACL Group training