Rosaruby Glaberman at NACL's Performer Training Retreat
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NACL Theatre offers Artist-In-Residence programs tailored for different age levels in grades K-12. NACL artists work closely with teachers to design inter-disciplinary classroom experiences using creative theatre techniques to engage and aid students in learning their required curriculum material.

Over the course of each residency, the NACL artist uses theatre exercises, creative writing, music, and dramatic presentation, to strengthen communication and team-working skills, while illuminating and deepening a student's understanding of topics in social studies, science, literature, and other subjects. This integrated and engaging approach to learning enriches the school experience for students and teachers, opening new pathways and possibilities in K-12 pedagogy. The NACL residency is a unique opportunity for students to approach academic subject matter from an artistic perspective, enhancing the school’s mission to teach students to think creatively, to collaborate, and to achieve impressive results within the framework of the standards-based curriculum.

Example Residencies

Eldred Central High School

Tannis Kowalchuk worked with 8th Grade Social Studies students studying the Age of Industrialization. In collaboration with the teachers, Tannis introduced students to theatre technique and dramatic story-telling methodology. In the latter part of the 8-week residency, the class was divided into small teams and each group given the task to create and perform a dramatization of the material in their textbooks and classroom studies. Students collaborated creatively to develop short plays using their own words, actions, and ideas to dramatically re-tell stories they had learned about industrialization.

George Ross McKenzie Elementary

To engage with the concept of diversity and language, Kowalchuk taught a number of songs from around the world, in numerous languages, including Japanese, French, English, Portuguese, Maori, and Akan, to let students experience the textures of different cultures and communities across continents.

Tannis with students at George Ross McKenzie

Kowalchuk with 3rd Grade students studying Communities and Continents at McKenzie Elementary.

About the Teaching Artist

Tannis Kowalchuk  Education is a core component of Artistic Director Tannis Kowalchuk’s professional practice. She brings to the classroom 25+ years experience working with students in schools and theatres. Her in-class workshops give each student an opportunity to experience the thrill of making their own scenes and performances in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. Tannis leads students through a focused exploration of theatre technique, writing their own material, and creative presentation of curriculum topics, encouraging them to explore their own creative voice and develop self-confidence, while reinforcing their classroom coursework in a positive and professional environment. Ms. Kowalchuk has a BA in Theatre from the University of Winnipeg and is co-author of the children's plays, The Journey of the Dragon Boy, The Time Cycle, and the perennial family favorite The Little Farm Show.


NACL offers classes to youth and teens throughout the year at our theatre in Highland Lake, NY, and at other locations in the region. Beginning in the winter of 2016, we will be offering classes at the Narrowsburg Union in Narrowsburg, NY.

Next Session: Please check our calendar for upcoming class times and locations. For more information email Tannis.

Tannis Kowalchuk has been a children’s theatre teacher since 1990 and has developed theatre classes that focus on the creative aspect of drama, giving each child an opportunity to experience the thrill of making a performance come alive in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. Children and teens are encouraged, through a focused exploration of theatre technique and creative application, to find their confidence and creative voice in a positive and professional environment. Kowalchuk also teaches upper level courses; teaching credits include: Humber College (Toronto), Rutgers University (New Jersey), NYU (NYC), DramaWorks (Edmonton), New York State Theatre Education Association (NYSTEA), The New Jersey Consortium for the Gifted and Talented, as well as a host of local youth programs at libraries and community centers across the state and the continent.

kids enjoying drama class at NACL

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Tannis Kowalchuk teaching at a Teen Drama Camp Tannis Kowalchuk teaching singing to High School students Teen Drama Camp production of 'Romeo and Juliet'