Tannis Kowalchuk and Sarah Dey Hirshan in 'The Uncanny Appearance of Sherlock Holmes'
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An original site-specific mystery that allows the audience to visit various locations in and around Lakewood House (the residence next door to the theatre). The spectators catch glimpses of scenes from the past, and can view characters up close—in the living room, around a kitchen table, on the porch, or in the garden. The Lakewood House characters include Byron the mad beekeeper, Alya the ghost and past cook, Theresa the Lakewood House owner, Dot the eccentric cousin, Lazlo the Hungarian dance instructor, Agnes the dead girl, and Joseph the visiting psychic. Music, secret conversations, fragments of dream-like imagery, and mystery unfold in a journey back and forth in time until the final scene reveals the truth. The Mystery of Lakewood House drew record crowds.

Featuring the creator/actors: Brad Krumholz, Tannis Kowalchuk, Sarah Dey Hirshan, Brett Keyser, Laura May Astwood, Jane Wells, Kathy Randels, text by Mike Geither, with musician Lorenzo Sanguedolce.

Laurie Stuart of the River Reporter writes:

“The ensemble at NACL has indeed developed an original Upper Delaware play that is sure to become a favorite legacy. It combines cutting-edge theater with general audience appeal and serves it generously, with love for the area and the theater experience. It is truly a delight for both young and mature audiences.”

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Ker Wells and Tannis Kowalchuk in 'The Mystery of Lakewood House' Jane Wells in 'The Mystery of Lakewood House' Brad Krumholz and Tannis Kowalchuk in 'The Mystery of Lakewood House'