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The Passion according to G.H.

The Passion according to G.H. is a solo performance based on the book by Clarice Lispector and performed by Tannis Kowalchuk. Brad Krumholz directed the performance and adapted the novel for the stage. The story is written in first person and is narrated by G.H., a happy, well situated Brazilian woman—until her existence is turned upside down by the unexpected discovery of a cockroach in her home in Rio. NACL Theatre intertwines the fascinating text of Lispector with complex action, song, and scenographic surprises. This masterful performance evokes a world of insects, fear, class, passion, and release.

The Passion according to G.H. was built over the course of a year in the Great Jones Rehearsal building of La MaMa E.T.C. and was first seen in 1998, in Cleveland at the Loon Tree Festival hosted by Theatre Labyrinth. It then moved to the House of Candles in New York City, where it ran for six weeks. In June, 1999, NACL toured to Toronto, Canada to participate in a small festival of solo performance entitled, Quatrefoil: An Evening In. Four Canadian theatre artists, including NACL actress, Tannis Kowalchuk united to form Joint and Several, a coalition of actresses who each perform one-person shows.

Kowalchuk performed at Context Studios in New York City. After the performances the audience was invited to participate in panel discussions led by Krumholz and by Professors Krabbenhoft and Peixoto from NYU's Portuguese and Spanish studies department.

On February 9 & 10, 2000 The Passion according to G.H. was presented at the Brazilian-American Cultural Institute in Washington DC. The first performance was followed by a lively discussion, led by Lispector scholars Naomi Moniz of Georgetown University, and Regina Igel of University of Maryland.

The Passion according to G.H. also played NACL Theatre, La MaMa, Access Theatre in New York City, Sullivan County Community College, , Network of Ensemble Theatres conference in Maine, Zuppa Theatre in Halifax, in Winnipeg, The University of Toronto, and the National Theatre School in Montreal, Canada.

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Tannis Kowalchuk in 'The Passion according to G.H. Tannis Kowalchuk in 'The Passion according to G.H. Tannis Kowalchuk in 'The Passion according to G.H.