Allison Waters in 'Asphyxia and Other Promsises'
NACL THEATRE PO BOX 33 110 HIGHLAND LAKE RD HIGHLAND LAkE, NY USA. 12743 PH: 845 557 0694 FX: 845 557 0393 EMAIL US directions


Festival 2010 poster: an illustration of the front of the theatre. Design by Brett Keyser

July 23 to August 1, 2010 NACL is located at 110 Highland Lake Rd., Highland Lake, NY 12743 Tickets $10-$20 (sliding scale), Pay-What-You-May Reservations 845-557-0694 8 PM curtain (with the exception of Loup Garou at Apple Pond Farm at 6 AM and 6 PM—details below)

NACL Theatre in Highland Lake, NY announces the 10th season of The NACL Catskill Festival of New Theatre, an international festival of contemporary theatre featuring companies from the USA, Canada, and Australia. Over the course of ten days, NACL will present performances by some of the most exciting contemporary artists of today. All of the artists that we present in our festival create original and delightfully unique performances that redefine and sometimes defy the usual patterns and standards of theatre creation and presentation today. The festival has a long history of presenting experimental work by outstanding companies from around the world, and we are very pleased to announce this year’s lineup:


Brett Keyser in 'Darwinii: The Comeuppance of Man'

Friday, July 23: Nightjar Apothecary (Philadelphia) DARWINII: The Comeuppance of Man 8PM

A swashbuckling, one-man tour de farce that deftly skewers everything you think you know about Darwin, deep time, evolution, and survival of the fittest. Created by Brett Keyser and playwright Glen Berger, Darwinii features Keyser in the role of Cristóbal, an Argentine man accused of various crimes, including stealing original Charles Darwin manuscripts from rare book libraries around the world. Why? Because he’s convinced he’s the great-great-great-great bastard grandson of the father of Natural Selection. As part of his sentence he must deliver a public apology, during which he digresses into the story of his life, growing up as an orphan in Tierra del Fuego and inadvertently becoming an expert Darwinologist. The performance is a tango-tinged dance of life, a fresh take on some of Darwin’s ideas about the struggle for survival, sexual selection, the origin of species, and the descent of man. Commissioned by and first performed at the American Philosophical Society (APS) Museum in 2009.

A Small Toy Theatre set

Saturday, July 24: Great Small Works (NYC) A Walk in the City 8PM

Great Small Works presents a summer smorgasbord of Papier Teatre and Banklsang including “A Walk in the City” inspired by the work of Italo Calvino, directed by Roberto Rossi, a new installment of the surreal news serial, “The Toy Theater of Terror As Usual” and “The History of Oil” with paintings by Janie Geiser. Great Small Works is a collective from New York City whose members are John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin, Jenny Romaine, Roberto Rossi and Mark Sussman.

Kathy Randels

Sunday, July 25: Tannis Kowalchuk, Jubilith Moore, & Kathy Randels (USA) Actress Portraits: Lesson One, Home, Harnessing Chaos 8PM

Three mid career actresses have been given the task to create a short and entertaining self- portrait that explores their history, training, and current work as a contemporary theatre artist. Actress Portraits will feature Jubilith Moore, artistic director of Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco in “Lessen One”; Tannis Kowalchuk, artistic director of New York’s NACL Theatre in “Home,” a video documentary by film maker Tina Spangler; and Kathy Randels, artistic director of New Orleans Artspot Productions in “Harnessing Chaos.”

Sunny Drake in 'Other-wise'

Thursday, July 29: Sunny Drake (Brisbane, Australia) Other-wise 8PM

“This morning I lost my homework and the dog ate my gender.” Other-wise is a gutsy transgender one-person magical multimedia comedy. Other-wise is a tender letter to the actor’s family, brought to life on stage, exposing the emotions and experience of a transgender person. Animated creatures whisk us into worlds of magic as Sunny explores body image, learning to fly and getting comfortable with contradictions. As funny as it is moving, Other-wise is testament to the courage it takes to be true to oneself. Warning: you will only understand this show if you are human and born on planet earth. If you’ve ever tried to fit into other people’s expectations or been worried someone wouldn’t understand or be proud of you, then this story is also about you. “deeply personal but undeniably universal…” (Time Off, Brisbane)

Director Raymond Bobgan

Friday, July 30: TheThem (Toronto, Canada) People4Change 8PM

People4Change follows three young professionals who join forces to make a difference in the world after witnessing a sudden death on the subway tracks. Their efforts to “help the world,” range from the naïve to the sublime when they open a phonebook and start calling random people for donations to their various causes. In a world inundated with global information (and global suffering), self-help and spiritual panaceas, and contradictory common values, we are examining the frustration, isolation, and passion of ‘Generation Y-ers’ in North America.

Nick Slie in 'Loup Garou'

Saturday, July 31: Mondo Bizarro & ArtSpot Productions (New Orleans) Loup Garou (outdoors at Apple Pond Farm)

Note: 2 show times—at sunrise 6 AM, and sunset 6 PM

“Fact: Much of our community in New Orleans has vanished. We are living on land in Southeast Louisiana that is disappearing at the rate of one football field every forty-five minutes. Since 2005 we have faced down the stark reality that every work of art we create as an ensemble may literally be our last. As such, we make art with urgency because our actions are visibly and directly altering the city we love.” Award-winning performance innovators ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro, in collaboration with the Gulf Restoration Network, present Loup Garou a new environmental performance that uses rigorous physicality, poetry, music and visual installation to investigate the deep interconnectedness between land and culture in Louisiana. With morning performances beginning at sunrise and evening performances ending at sunset, Loup Garou is part performance, part ritual, part howl to the world about southeast Louisiana’s plight.

APPLE POND FARM is located at 80 Hahn Rd., Callicoon Center, NY 12724 www.applepondfarm.com

3 members of Strike Anywhere performance ensemble

Sunday, August 1: Strike Anywhere (NYC) !!FreEpLaY!!: Same River 8PM

Based on interviews with local residents about water, and riffing on the theme of interconnectedness, Strike Anywhere will spontaneously spin out a performance piece in a style dubbed “3D-Jazz”. Strike Anywhere interdisciplinary ensemble of world-class jazz musicians, modern dancers, and actors are k nown for their use of SOUNDPAINTING, the live composing sign language, the ensemble creates art in the moment, allowing intuition, the sounds of the room and audience suggestion to shape what they play. Featuring: Donna Bouthillier (dance), Bob Bowen (bass), Michel Gentile (flute), Rob Henke (trumpet), Damen Scranton (actor), Rolf Sturm (guitar) & Leese Walker (actor). Artistic Director: Leese Walker

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Brett Keyser (Philadelphia)

I participated in the First Ever Catskill Festival of New Theatre ten years ago with a solo performance called The Sibyl, and since then have performed at several others and enjoyed witnessing the work of a diverse array of fellow performing artists. The church-turned-theatre and creaking house beside have become a locus for uncanny explorations and exuberant eruptions of life and light, and for me personally, a place I return to regularly for work as well as solace. As I have carried my work from one city to another over the years, this place has come to coincide, in my psychic geo-locating, with the X marking “home”. Though I have never officially “lived” here for more than a few months at a time, it is a place where I experience the rare sensation of standing upon roots. It is a remarkable space that NACL has hewn here, along with a host of fellow travelers who have come and gone—some coming again—and again. I am grateful for their perseverance, happy to have played a part, and am looking forward to participating in the continued evolution of the cultural experiment.

Great Small Works (NYC)

We are delighted to be coming back to NACL because we so dearly appreciate their gracious hosting, and their service to the field of experimental ensemble theater. The piece we will be presenting, called “A walk in the City,” was originally developed at NACL and has since toured all over the world. The home they have created for original multi-disciplinary work inspires artists and audiences; it functions as a world center for the development of fearless, rigorous, fabulous fun. Long Live the experiment and the commitment to risk taking! We are honored to return to this wonderful lab.

Nick Slie (New Orleans)

NACL is so much more than a theater to me. Part sanctuary, part laboratory, it is a place where I feel driven to be a better person and artist. I am always inspired by the breath of work presented at NACL and the profound feeling of connectedness that occurs through experiencing the work of my colleagues. We are bringing a performance, Loup Garou that is so dear to our hearts, our homes. I am very curious to see how the piece intersects with the natural environment in and around NACL.

Kathy Randels (New Orleans)

It was an honor to be present at the first annual Catskills Experimental Theatre Festival. I had just met Brad and Tannis through the Dah Teatar U.S. Tour 2000 in New York. The feeling in the air was that this was the beginning of something very big and very important. And it was, it has been, and it still is. The artists we have met through this festival have become dear friends and in some cases collaborators. We have attended the festival as often as we possibly could, which is six years, including this one! Our bellies are always fed by Tannis' well orchestrated, communally prepared meals. And our spirits are always fed by the amazing gathering of artists from around the world who come together at the Lakewood House to witness one another's work, share processes, and take the time to step back and analyze our unique theatre work and its place in our time. This year we are thrilled to be bringing one of our site-specific outdoor performances for the first time. And we look forward to sharing our Louisiana environmental concerns and learning about Sullivan County's environmental concerns. Long live the Catskills Experimental Theater Festival, and may there be 10 more!!

Strike Anywhere (NYC)

We are thrilled to be returning to NACL. The company is jazzed!!! The Catskill Festival of New Theater is a slice of heaven, a petri dish for creative endeavors, a showcase for independent art, an intellectual intersection for artists and audiences in a bucolic summer setting. The food, the quality of artists present, the rigor of the work that is consistently present is a gift to the community and we are very honored to be part of it.



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The Ghost Road Company brought 'Elektra' to the festival Alexandra Beller brought 'us' to the festival 'The Floating Brothel' at the festival